— Extrait de communiqué de presse / Exerpt from press release  :

The exhibition investigates substantial phenomenon, matter in movement, transformation and change. History’s narratives are understood from a phenomenological point of view: in 3 video pieces, intertwined swimmers coexist with Moon jellyfishes and an ice drift ; in a series of printed images, photography is increasingly indexical, made of analog imprints and marks in passed films, moldy flesh, boiled milk remains, along with some lunar photographs that curiously combine 2 images taken at different points of view and phases of the moon.

All the pieces depict luminous figures appearing against a dark, if not absolutely black background. Most of them have a double aspect, be they made of a simple juxtaposition of successive moments, a dissimilar mirror, an imbricated false stereoscopy, or a fusion of superimposed bodies (…)

« All Things Must Pass » is taken from Georges Harrison’s album of 1970.  Adding « (under the moon)» to the title may read like melancholia in parenthesis. But this ensemble doesn’t look nostalgic regarding a forgettable past. It rather composes a blend of anxiety and serenity for today.  Altogether, combining stillness and moving irreversibility.